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What is fulvic & humic acid?

Fulvic and humic acid are complex compounds found in ancient organic matter produced by beneficial microbes. It takes millions of years of evolution for this organic matter to turn into a nutrient rich substance called humus and it is what gives vital ”life force to the soil”. It has the ability to renew, restore, balance and strengthen an entire planet. This is what makes it possible for plants to grow healthy, animals to be sustained by nature and for humans to thrive, nourishing all life.

The world we live in today is not the pristine world it once was. These are challenging times with stress of every kind coming at us from all directions. The weight of it all, can be extremely overwhelming, keeping us in a state of chaos and disrepair.

The amount of toxins cruising the environment is staggering, threatening our health 24/7, from radiation, heavy metal bombardment, genetically modified food, processed, loaded with cancer causing additives and void of any nutrition. We are ingesting deadly chlorine, exposed to highly toxic chemicals that destroy our water sources, and the air that we breath. There is an enormous list of chemicals that reek havoc with our endocrine and immune systems. These hazards and much more play a major role in disrupting and destroying the health of animals, humans and our planet.

Life force fulvic is a full spectrum formula targeting individual health concerns and will work very hard to bring the body back into a balanced healthy state.

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