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Research says

Fulvic acid is the element that makes minerals and vitamins more absorbable.

You cannot remineralize the body without the presence of fulvic acids. Supplies oxygen to cells, fulvic acid contains approximately 45% oxygen which is highly bio-available to the human body and is readily absorbed by the human body. Fulvic acid has the ability to deliver O2 directly to the muscle cells and thus may reduce the detrimental effects of lactic acid and CO2 build up.


Fulvic and humic substance has the ability to protect cognitive impairment.

According to research conducted by the University of Chile’s International Center for Biomedicine, the use of fulvic acid is beneficial in supporting healthy brain functioning.  Evidence has found that fulvic acid presents with various antioxidants; as well as various nutraceutical properties with the potential ability to protect an individual from cognitive impairments.

Fulvic acid decalcifies the pineal gland

Further scientific research into the use of fluoride in the brain indicates that fluoride is a neurotoxin – a chemical that can cause severe damage to brain functioning.  When fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland it can affect the healthy development and functioning of the human brain.  Fluoride can be obtained from daily food and water consumption, fulvic acid is seen to remove fluoride from the human body


Fulvic acid help to remove radiation from your cells. Radiation levels are at an all time high especially for those frequent flyers.

Pilots and crew are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Radiation levels increase by 50% compared to on the ground. Pilots absorb as much radiation as a worker in a nuclear power plant.

A flight from chicago to beijing, the exposure is equivalent to two chest xrays multiplied over the course of a career can cause high risk for disease, cancer being at the top of the list.  Radiation is accumulative damaging DNA


Fulvic and humic acid only remove metal ions that are in a free solution. These molecules cannot pull metal from dental fillings hip, replacements or any surgery that requires metal implants, nor will it affect breast implants.

Fulvic and humic acid regulate the immune system cells and prevents "T" or killer cells from becoming out of balance. Excessive T cells can attack bone and joints causing arthritis.

clinical studies show that fulvic and humic acids diminish the development and progression of diabetes and assisted in treatment.


Medical results indicate that humic acid extracts enhance the human immune system in many ways and one of the most effective and potent ways is its ability to eradicate viruses. Humic acid acts as a viral infusion inhibitor. Humic substances inhibit viral cytopathicity revealed that these substances attach to the viral envelope protein, thereby coating its receptor sites. This further disables the virus from being able to bind and infect host cells, thus combating viral replication. Their potential range of applications cover both naked and enveloped DNA viruses. 

Fulvic and humic acid are known to stimulate microbial activity, stimulating good microbes while suppressing bad microbes.

There are microbes in soil, which are carried by fulvic and humic acid acting as an anti depressant, stimulating seratonin production, which makes a happier and healthier human.

​Fulvic acid acts as a powerful adaptogen

Science has since discovered that fulvic and humic acid are two natural compounds that contain over 80 beneficial nutrients and probably is the most bang-for-the-buck adaptogen as it has a multitude of positive effects on your body and balances all body systems. .

Eating Healthy Salad

Fulvic is a powerful electrolyte

Research has discovered that fulvic acid is one of the most powerful electrolytes available in the human body and operates as a means of balancing cell life.  This is a process that increases the level of longevity in the body and operates in a similar manner for animals and plants.

Similar to other forms of natural electrolytes, fulvic acid is able to activate and energize certain biological processes in the human body.  An electrolyte is able to help cells survive severe conditions caused by uncontrolled infections, poor diet, surgical shocks, emotional distress, and disturbed sleep patterns

3 scientists in 1984 discovered an enzyme they named telomerase, could grow the telomeres. Science has determined that as a cell divides, telomeres shorten and import less knowledge to the new cell from the old one. This is the process of aging, your skin wrinkles, your immunity weakens, there is lose in bone density, your brain shrinks and you have greater risk of disease.

Ra Urthe's fulvic and humic acid assist in age reversal through cell regeneration. When accompanied by a healthy diet and a happy outlook on life the skies the limit.

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