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I had such bad digestive issues, constantly bloated no matter what I ate or how I changed up my eating habits, then a good friend asked me if I knew about fulvic and humic acid. She was taking it for it's anti inflammatory properties. I had no idea what it was and would try anything to get some relief. So I started to take Ra Urthe Fulvic Formula to see how my body would respond and within a week I was eliminating better, I was feeling more energy and I didn't look like I was 4 months pregnant. My pants fit me again!!!

I have made some dietary changes as well and cannot believe how my body responded so quickly. I will continue to take it as I understand it is an amazing chelator and alkalizer.

Bonnie, Alberta


I battled with recurrent herpes outbreaks for a decade of my life, resulting in serious anxiety and depression. I tried every possible treatment out there with no success and felt lost and desperate. I began to take the Ra Urthe Fulvic Formula product two years ago. I noticed an almost immediate difference, right away my outbreaks were less severe and healed much faster. Then I went five months without an outbreak for the first time in ten years with only one small relapse and now its been officially 8 months since I have had a single outbreak. This product has changed my life and is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I would recommend it to everyone."

Kacey, British Columbia

In the fall of 2014, I was given Life force fulvic formula preparation to try by an friend who was taking it for her arthritis.  At that time I was suffering from a severe case of bronchitis which had been ongoing for two months. Every winter when I got a cold , it would go immediately to bronchitis and I would suffer for most of the winter with debilitating symptoms.  I am delighted to say that after I first tried the Life force fulvic preparation, the bronchitis eased off and has never returned. I would freely recommend this product. 

I am now dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. In this last month I have resumed taking the Life force fulvic preparation by Ra Urthe. I have found a significant decrease in joint pain and inflammation using this product and look forward to a continuing increase of this effect. I have noticed however that since I have been taking Ra Urthe again, I have not been touched by a nasty flu bug that has been going around our community , and I have been in close contact with many people who have been infected. I feel protected by this wonderful supplement and I will continue to rely on it, with deep gratitude.

Blou, British Columbia

I suffered from a herniated disc for 12 years which sucked my energy and I was in constant pain . I spent a fortune on various therapies and remedies without any lasting results.  I started to take life force fulvic formula and after 5 months my pain disappeared and it regenerated completely.

 I now have my life back. I didnt think it was possible to feel this good again.

Peter, Ontario

I have suffered for years from bouts of depression and mood swings that have taken me down for days, but since being introduced to Life force fulvic formula I have leveled out and my energy has never been this good. It took a good month to actually feel any changes, but after 2 months it was very noticable to me,  as well, my family also commented about me being more positive.  I did notice when I ran out for a week the difference was quite drastic for me. However it works, this formula has helped me immensely. IT is pure and natural and helping me heal, not like drugs that play havoc with my mind and my body. Thanks Ra Urthe I am forever grateful.

Cecilia, Alberta

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