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what can Ra Urthe do for you?

Ra Urthe products provide a constant charge of nutritional and mineral energy replacement for your cells. Each cell is able to perform at its maximum potential, resulting in a healthy body that is physically grounded and a mind that is emotionally balanced.

         External Benefits

  • Assists in the treatment of open wounds

  • Heals burns with minimum pain or scarring

  • Helps eliminate discoloration due to skin bruises

  • Acts as a wide spectrum anti-microbial & fungicide

  • Helps treat rashes, skin irritations & acne

  • Heals cuts & abrasions

  • Neutralizes poison ivy & poison oak

  • Helps to rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells

                   Internal Benefits

  • Removes radiation & protects our body’s cells

  • Repairs DNA

  • Carries 60+ minerals & trace minerals into our body’s cells, vital for over 2000 essential biological functions

  • Acts as a powerful organic polyelectrolyte anti-oxidant free radical scavenger

  • Antiviral properties

  • Removes heavy metal toxicity from the body. (chelation therapy)

  • Rebuilds & restores the immune system

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Superior anti-aging properties

  • Helps with jetlag recovery

  • Assists in creating energy production called (ATP).

Adenosine triphosphate is the molecule responsible for storing & releasing all the energy that comes from food.

  • Catalyzes enzymes

  • Stimulates metabolism

  • Oxygenates blood

  • Helps promote new skin/tissue

  • Assists in balancing hormonal levels

  • Stimulates the thymus gland’s ability to produce lymphocytes, which in return produce antibodies

  • Helps your body restore alkalinity

  • Helps to neutralize food poisoning

  • Increases overall vitality


 Whether you want to cleanse, regenerate, boost immunity, strengthen, revitalize, keep your system free from 24/7 radiation and heavy metal bombardment, tolerance is very individual and needs to be titrated. Learn to read your body and tune in according to your needs, you are in total control of how this will look and feel for you as fulvic and humic acid are molecules out of the earth, classified as the ultimate superfood. Kicking it back or adding more to your daily ritual would be the same as putting a little more greens into your shake, it will either give you more energy or detox you a little faster. It is not an exact science, so there is room to explore and adjust to your personal goals and expectations. Ra Urthe is pure and unadulterated, effective and safe.

The worth is in the earth


                                   Daily ritual/dosages Recommended 

Powder packetsadults: 1 packet daily in 8 to 12 ounces of water/liquid of choicechildren: 1/2 packet daily in 6 to 8 ounces of water/liquid of choice(packets can be divided into 2 doses)Liquid in bottleadults: 6 to 8 drops in water/liquid of choice twice a daychildren: 3 to 6 drops in water/liquid of choice twice a day (never use chlorinated water, purified only)

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